Case Study on Ride-Hailing App

Ride-Hailing App

Distance/Length of trip — Drivers won’t prefer short rides as they might not earn much especially if the pickup location is from a far away location and the trip duration is also short. At the same time, they can pick someone from a longer duration trip.

Type of ride — Whether it is a shared ride or a non-shared one(Ola Mini/Micro). Share might be less profitable from a driver’s perspective as they will have to pick and drop passengers at different locations.

Geolocation — Generally we know the geolocation through the Lat/Long . Like if the Route is likely to have traffic then driver might not prefer to pick up from that location as it will be wastage of time being stuck in traffic.

Review and Rating of Rider — If a rider is rated poorly, he might be one who might cancel the ride or increase wait time.

Strategy Question:

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IIM Bangalore | Writing about Machine Learning & Quantitative finance.

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Priyanka Dalmia

Priyanka Dalmia

IIM Bangalore | Writing about Machine Learning & Quantitative finance.

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